Oleg Wintermane


Race: Human
Class: Alderman
Age: 69
Height: 5’10
Weight: Thin
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Fair
Hair: Grey, short, balding
Accent: Old man sergeant voice
Distinctive feature: Extremely thin, stooped, grey and bearded



  • Of the Wintermane family, who traditionally have always been the aldermans of the village, as long as anyone can remember. Has run unopposed as alderman since his father, the previous alderman, died.
  • As prone to anger as laughter.
  • Been alderman for almost half a century.
  • Believes he is doing a great job but other villagers resent his “meddling” which intensified after Mrs Wintermane passed away three years ago.
  • Son, Marik, runs the general store, although wishes he didn’t and Oleg is preparing him to take over as alderman.
  • Remembers when the village was prosperous and wishes it to be back that way. Will be friendly, respectful and helpful to anyone wishing to advance the village, but will also expect the impossible.
  • Will openly criticise PCs actions if he does not like something or praise them if village prospers.
  • Social interactions are difficult vs him.
  • Lives alone in the big alderman’s house now his children have moved out and wife has died. His servant,Fleigal Holdark helps around the house.
    Ideal: Community
    Bond: Feels like the father to all of Springhaven and will leap to their defence, even if he is a few years past his prime
    Flaw: Quick to anger and overly interested in other people’s business

Oleg Wintermane

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