Salvotor Hardstone


Race: Dwarf
Class: Cleric
Age: 52
Height: Average for dwarf
Build: Burly
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Fair
Hair: Bald with short brown beard
Accent: Standard Dwarf Scottish
Distinctive feature: Always chewing a tobacco like substance, chigune



  • Sentenced to death in Nor Darohm for killing the heir to a rival house in an unprovoked attack.
  • Escaped and eventually fell into running with Inigo Helion
  • Very suspicious of other dwarves and tapiadens.
  • Will not make eye contact, very quiet in group encounters and will always defer to Inigo.

Motivations and goals

  • Would like to return to Nor Darohm to his sweetheart but cannot due to bounty on his head
  • Loyal to Inigo who has defended him from a number of dwarven headhunters


Salvotor Hardstone

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