Marik Wintermane


Race: Human
Class: Shopkeeper
Age: 32
Height: 6’0
Build: Slim
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Fair
Hair: Brown, short, receding
Accent: Wearied normal
Distinctive feature: Poorly sighted, uses a reading lens

  • Son to Oleg Wintermane and father to Osil Wintermane
  • Runs general store, wishes he didn’t
  • Being prepared by Oleg to be the next alderman
  • Wife, Dara died in childbirth ten years ago
  • Fancies Leina Freewillow
  • Ambition is to move to Ileram to open a theatre
  • Proud of Osil’s singing ability
  • Wanted to be an actor as a kid, but shot down by Oleg

Plot hooks:

  • Bringing culture to the village – when trusting PCs and if town is successful enough, will suggest building a permanent theatre. Will put himself for running it.

Marik Wintermane

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