Inigo Helion


Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Age: 25
Height: 6’2
Build: Slim, swimmer build
Eyes: Bright green
Skin: Fair
Hair: Brown, medium length
Accent: “Posh” style
Distinctive feature: Never smiles, chiseled good looks

  • The Baron’s heir and only son
  • On his tenth birthday, his father kicked him out of the castle and told him to return in 10 years “when he becomes a true man.” No-one really knows what young Inigo did during his journey, but when he returned on his 20th birthday, Voss took one look at him and embraced him, proclaiming him his one and only heir.
  • He actually went off to Bastion to fight undead.
  • Inigo is a versatile fighter and spends several hours each day practicing with various weapons (including poisoned blades).
  • When interacting with other people he is very polite, but one might sense that he seems a bit tired with all the talking and might prefer directness.
  • For now, he is content to do what his father tells him, realizing that the more Voss builds, the more will be left for him when his father dies.
  • Inigo is one of the few who know the secret of the fuel
  • Always accompanied by some or all members of his party, whom he collected during his travels.
    *Openly bisexual and pursues women and men relentlessly. Does not like being told no.
  • Has a reputation in the valley for sleeping around.
  • Lots of bastards.
  • Is determined to sleep with one of the PCs. Will use it against them once he does.

Ideal: Aspiration
Bond: Determined to stick around and be dutiful until he is the Baron
Flaw: Very jealous of those who outshine him. A sucker for a pretty face male or female.

Inigo Helion

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